GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU regulation, requiring companies to protect the personal data, privacy and security of EU residents in transactions taking place in the European Union. Compliance is not optional, nor it is achieved by simply completing questionnaires or a simply training. The Regulation requires all EU companies managing individuals’ personal data, to be able to demonstrate compliance with data security rules whenever requested to do so.

The General Data Protection Regulation was implemented on 25 May 2018.

Global Maritime Agency Ltd, recognizing the volume of personal data it manages daily, due to the nature of its commercial activities, has decided to become a leader in the Greek market and comply with this European Regulation.

The first step was the training of the staff, with specially formulated seminars that were not limited to a formal briefing on what the GDPR is, but focused mainly on specific references to our company’s activity. Seminars were organized by a qualified lawyer and lasted 2 working days. The staff were informed and resolved questions about how to implement this new regulation. The next step is to develop a completed corporate strategy for implementing GDPR. This process is not static but constantly evolves and adapts to new conditions.

For Global Maritime Agency Ltd, protection of personal data has always been a priority!